1.       You’re not consistent enough

You just go once, maybe twice a week..

Or your go crazy for 2 / 3 weeks, then don’t go at all for 2 / 3 weeks.

Solution: Attend group sessions to stay motivated, prioritise your workouts like you would your work or kids, get into a good routine and have a goal that makes you want to workout in the 1st place!

2.       You do the same stuff all the time.

You’re in a rut.

Spin on Mondays, body pump Wednesdays, Zumba Fridays.

It works at the beginning but now it’s stopped working and you’re becoming bored and frustrated.

If you do the exact same workouts, you will burn the exact same number of calories.

Solution: Work towards getting stronger, rather than fitter

Do more difficult, rather than more of the same.

Use weights

Track and measure your workouts so you know you’re improving ( or get someone else to do that for you)

3       You’re unsure about your technique

To be confident, committed, and train hard enough to see results, you need to make sure you know what you’re doing.

It’s easy to do something well when it’s light, or when your fresh ( it also doesn’t achieve anything)

It’s hard to do something well when it’s heavy or when your tired.

Solution: Get help

Whether it’s a trainer, a YouTube video, a workshop, everyone had to learn from somewhere or someone.

 When you’re weaknesses have been improved, you know exactly what you’re doing, you will be much more confident doing it.

Confidence leads to heavier, more effective training.

More effective training leads to more calories burnt

More calories burnt leads to getting results..

Which keeps you motivated, so you stay consistent, which leads to more results!

Which leads to better workouts, a sense of achievement (i.e being able to do 10 press ups when 12 weeks ago you couldn’t do one), now it’s become part of your lifestyle which leads to ….

Results … Long Term Results…

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