WellnessPT Tips On Muscle Building

For anyone wanting to build muscle and gain mass, countless techniques, workout routines and tips on muscle building can be found in books, health magazines and on the Internet. However, since there is an endless list of these tips, not everything can be done or followed by an individual. Here we will discuss seven of the most important tips on muscle building, which have proven to be effective and critical to the individual’s muscle gain.

Tip 1: Do some stretching prior to and after any workout. Stretching will help you loosen up and thus, prevent injuries and aid in keeping up your body’s flexibility.

Tip 2: Eat 6 small meals a day. Many believe that the way to a great body is eating very little. This is wrong. If you limit your food intake, you tend to get hungrier easily and thus, eat more in the end. However, if you eat a small meal for, let’s say, about every 3-4 hours, you would still get an adequate amount of calories to burn up fat, boost up your metabolism as a result of eating often, and the best thing about it is that you would not feel hungry at all.

Tip 3: Add more calories. Take count of the number of calories you usually get from the food you eat daily then add 500 to 800 calories to that number. Start to eat with that amount of calories everyday. Furthermore, try to consume a gram of protein per body weight daily. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds, you would need about 180 grams of protein or more a day.

 Tip 4: Do regular interval training. It is best to perform intervals. For example, you could do a brisk walk for a minute, then sprint for another minute. Doing this repeatedly for 30 minutes burns fat while sparing the muscle. It also increases the individual’s cardiovascular endurance. Do this regularly, say 3 days a week.


 Tip 5: Do NOT overwork your muscles. Most weightlifters who are just beginning their workout training tend to do many sets overall, thus, overworking their muscles. You should only do a maximum of 20 sets per muscle group, but only up to 12 sets is recommended. For maximum muscle growth, repetitions for each set must be between 6 and 12. There is a common misconception that the longer the duration of a workout routine, the better. However, the duration is not what matters. Rather, it is the intensity. Hence, it is advisable that a workout last for about 30 to 45 minutes only. Lift heavier weights and make sure that your speed during each repetition is consistent all throughout.

Tip 6: Do not focus on a certain area to build, but train your entire body. A higher amount of hormones is released when you involve more muscles in your workouts. Hormones promote muscle growth all day. In addition, a balanced workout is assured when you apply the same volumes for each muscle group. This will let your muscle growth increase rapidly and injuries from training are better avoided.

Tip 7: Get enough sleep. Training and workouts will exhaust you definitely and your system would desperately need an adequate amount of rest and sleep to be able to recover and continue on with the training. So make sure that you allot yourself enough time to sleep.

These are just a few of the tips on muscle building. There is plenty more out there. However, these seven would extremely be helpful already for an aspiring bodybuilder like you.

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