The structure of a muscle fitness training system can take many forms, varying from extremely short and intense to overly lengthy and exhaustive. One basic way in which a muscle fitness exercise plan is structured is by utilizing a “split routine”, dividing the muscle groups up and targeting a certain group one day and another group on another day and so forth. One of the best and basic muscle fitness training routines consists of a split 3 day a week routine which basic structure looks something like this:

Basic muscle fitness training system: 3 day a week workout

Monday: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

Wednesday: Back/Biceps

Friday: Legs

So let’s look at this basic 3 day a week muscle fitness training system.


Today three different muscle groups are worked, the pectorals (chest), the deltoids (shoulders), and the triceps. Since there is some overlap in muscles being worked, that is the deltoids and triceps will be assisting in pushing movements involving pectoral work. So it makes sense to also train shoulders and triceps in this workout as they’re already being “activated”. So shoulders are followed after chest, and the workout concludes with tricep training (the two larger muscle groups are worked first, and then the smaller triceps muscles are worked last). Do exercises involving the heaviest weights first e.g flat bench press before lying tricep extension as you will be less fatigued, thus able to lift more.



On Wednesday the basic muscle fitness training system consists of back (latissimus dorsi) and biceps. Once again there is muscle overlap. When one trains the back performing pulling movements, the biceps also get activated to a degree. So the biceps will be trained on back day since they’re already getting worked. Great exercises include preacher curls, underhand chin-ups and barbell shrugs.

The back is sometimes split between upper back for width, and mid back for back thickness. After the biceps are performed, some trainees will also train their forearms, if their goal is overall arm development and especially if their arm development is particularly lacking in the forearm department.


Today our muscle fitness training routine calls for legs, or in gym circles its “leg day”, or in hardcore dungeon gym settings, its “DLD”, “dreaded leg day”. Since dreaded leg day can be so taxing on the entire body, two days rest are given for recuperation before starting up again with chest on Monday. Leg day consists of training the front leg muscles-quadriceps, the back leg muscles-hamstrings, and the calves round out the Fridays muscle fitness training system.

This is just one basic muscle fitness training system split, which provides the trainee the benefit of working overlapping muscle groups in the same day and allowing rest and recovery in between each muscle building workout. There are a number of other muscle fitness training system splits, routines, and workouts. Only through beginning a routine and seeing what personally works for your body type and genetic capabilities, can you begin to personalize your own ideal muscle fitness training system.

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